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Pivotal Web Services and understanding Org and Space

Creating Pivotal web Services Account

In this article we will create our account for Pivotal Web Services and get started with Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

Here is the step by step procedure to create a new Pivotal Web Services account. If you have a Pivotal account already, please skip this.

Step 1: Go to this link to do the signup process with the Pivotal account run.pivotal.io you'll be able to create your free account. All that you need to do is, to click on Sign up for free link On this page.

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On this page,you can enter all your details:First Name, Last Name, your email address, password, and confirm your password.After that, go through the privacy policy and make sure that you agree to that. After that,you can go ahead and click the Sign Up button. Once you fill in your details, you'd see that an activation e-mail would be sent to your email id. So, make sure that you check that e-mail and click the activation link which is present in it.

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Once you activate your account, you can use that link to log in. So, in this page type in your email ID and click Next.

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and over here, you can enter your email ID and the password and go to the next screen, and now, we are getting into the Signup process for our free trial.

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Now we are getting into the Signup process for our free trial over here, you can enter your company details and make sure that you have read and agreed to the terms of services.

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Once you do that,we'll go to the second step where you can use your mobile number to claim your trial.So, make sure that you select your country and enter your mobile number and click on, Send me my code.

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Once you get your activation code, you can go ahead and enter the code you received on your phone and click on submit button. congratulations Now you are ready to start your free trial with Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

In the screen select Pivotal Web Services. It will ask you the name of an organization to be created.Provide your Organization name or Project Name then click "Start Free Trial" button. After that, Pivotal will take you the default "development" space landing page.

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Limitation of PCF Free Trial

With this free trial account you will get about 87 dollars for application usage for up to one year.The other important limitation is the total memory that is available for your applications to use is limited to 2GB only. There are also a number of marketplace services which you can use. We will discuss these services little later. But good news is whatever credit you get for the free trial should be more than sufficient for completing our sample application.

Org and Space

There are two important concepts that you need to understand clearly that is Org and Space.Org stands for organization and within an organization, you can have different spaces. Org is basically the top level entity and typically, it can be a business unit, or it can be a group of related microservices, or it can even be the name of your team which you work for. Typically set the org name to be the name of the project you'll be working on or the name of your team. Don't worry - you can change this name at any point of time.

If you click on the org, you can see the list of spaces which are present inside that particular org.You can see that there is a space called development which will be created by default.Now the main question is what is a space? Typically, a space represents an environment. For example, development, staging,QA, production etc. So, you can have different spaces for each of these environments.So, we have an org which is the top-level where you can specify your business unit or a group of related microservices and below that we have spaces where you can specify all your environments you can use for the application.

You can use Orgs and Spaces to group your applications as well as to give different permissions to different users.

Whats Next

Once you click the link to development and go into the development space, you'd see that there are no apps deployed right now.Let's discuss how to push applications in PCF in the next tutorial.

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